Thursday, 20 January 2011

Visit to Southern Italy in late January 2011

I enjoy going to Italy in January, especially in Pulgia, the air is usually crisp and dr,y with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine  and the temperature is about about 15 C by day. So best remember to pack some lip cream! The seashore is often deserted with lovely views out to sea and in the evening fantastic fish restaurants welcome  customers with warm open log fires something I have been looking forward to all day. Such a contrast to the blazing heat in July when the catering staff are rushed off their feet with no time to chat.

However in between  all this there is work to be done in the shoe factory, looking at all the new shoes designs fashion trends, shoe last shapes and leathers, everything  I have asked them to do, ready for the next Autumn Winter season. That part is always the best and the Italian designer usually does not disappoint me with his interpretation of some of my requested developments.  The more mundane thing I have to do is to check the production to make sure all the order instructions have been followed precisely and I work on the principle of it it can go wrong it usually does, so it is better to check in the factory rather than in some dark warehouse in the UK.

So next week its off to Brindisi, then on down to Galipoli, the fantastic old town jutting out from the harbour with 360 degree views of the sea.  Enjoying the beautiful landscape, looking at shoes,  ready to come back to damp cold England with some new Chelsea boots for our website.  Lets hope the flights are on time.

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